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Colette O'Hara

Chief Strategy Officer, SaltWire Network

November 16, 2020,

You won't find a more adaptable creative than Michelle. On any given day, I watched her transition from
art direction to creative direction, from strategy to execution. And no matter what she was doing, she did it
with pride.


She's one of those rare creatives who can see the big picture, delve into the business challenge and execute on the idea. She was always my go-to for brainstorming solutions to challenges and digging into what it would take to truly solve it. Our creative sessions were never anything short of fun and energizing! Her perspective always adds richness and value, her conviction constantly pushes you to look at things differently and her passion for great creative will inspire me for years to come.

Tyler MacLeod

VP Client Services
m5 Marketing Communication

Michelle is a versatile, senior creative professional. For every challenge, regardless of size, Michelle seeks the relevant insight and strives for a creative idea that gets noticed. More importantly,


she develops ideas that can be executed on any scale, a trait that is always appreciated by those who have to work with a budget. I owe a great deal to Michelle for illuminating many aspects of the industry early in my career. She is a patient teacher and a leader who is well liked and respected by everyone she works with.

Alex Liot

Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association

Great creative has always been table stakes (though Michelle’s is better than most), my strong endorsement is for her process. I’ve been both an internal and external client of Michelle’s and she get’s me, how I work and how to get the most out of me.


She asks good questions, the trick is to give her the nugget of truthcand your vision and she’ll bring it to life.
I would be glad to recommend Michelle if you want consistent, high quality delivery across multiple creative disciplines.

Brad Dykema

Copy Writer/Builder

Michelle is both an idea person, and a talented designer. The whole package when it comes to an Art Director and Creative Director. Anyone who has her on their team is getting strategic thinking balanced with creative problem-solving, and can expect to see impressive results.

Karen Sears

Sr. Director of Planning
M5 Communications

Michelle is truly a one-of-a-kind creative talent. I worked with her closely at SGCI where she was an art director, and found she had creative insight, and conceptual and executional talent, that would help any advertising problem find a strategic, insightful and creative solution. Michelle also has heart, and we had many enjoyable creative advertising adventures together.

Don Veinish

Partner/Creative Genius

Joe Audio, and Buoy Marketing + Production

Michelle Leard is a pro. As an Art Director, she goes beyond making everything LOOK good , she’s an ideas girl; a marketing communicator.She’s good at selling, speaking, and is a natural leader.That’s why she’s been a sought-after creative commodity in Atlantic Canada in the years that I’ve known her - and it’s why she’d be a hot commodity anywhere good communication is needed.

François Giroux

CCO, VP and Creative Director

Hawk Communications – Retired 2019

“Michelle is simply one of the best conceptual designer in the region. She not only has experience with a range of clients and mediums, she has the ability to zero-in on a creative insight that gets a message noticed and delivers results. This is something that is not that common, and when it’s combined with impeccable art direction and design skills, what you really get in Michelle is a 1-person advertising department.” 

Ashley Innocente

Founder & Partner

Titan Security and Investigation Inc.

I have had the pleasure to personally work with Michelle on multiple creative initiatives and it was her creative perspectives that truly transformed our brand. She was notorious for asking the right questions and took the extra time to understand what our firm represented to ensure the best reflection and essence of the company. Michelle’s work ethic and ability to transform conversation into creative is top shelf, if you want to work with someone who truly listens, provides constructive feedback and delivers on commitments, call Michelle.

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